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Know Your Alcohol

Beer Basics

If you’ve been sipping Bud since you were but a wee lad or lass, there’s a whole world of beer styles you’re missing out on. Even if you think those “fancy beers,” as my uncle calls them, aren’t for you, there’s no harm in learning a little more about the differences. Once the refuge of dads and grads, it’s become a booming niche, with seemingly more styles than bubbles in a pint glass. Whether you enjoy a wide variety of brews, are loyal to your favorite flavor, or have never had a drop to drink, the history and the diverse libations that fall under the umbrella of “beer” are impressive and fascinating. Here’s a brief guide to beer styles, enjoy them as you see fit.

Wine Basics

Wine is made with grapes, but they are different than what you’ll find at the grocery store. Wine grapes (the latin name is Vitis vinifera) are small, sweet, have thick skins, and contain seeds. There are over 1,300 identified, commercial wine grape varieties, but just about 150 of these varieties make up the majority of wine made in the world. This link below will give you a great overview of the scope of what wine is.

Liquor Basics

Fun and creative cocktails are a welcome addition to any festive gathering with friends and family. But, how do you know what to prepare? What spirit tastes better with fruit juices— vodka or rum? How many drinks will you get out of one bottle? To assist you in the decision-making process so you can focus on the fun stuff—shaking, stirring, and sipping —we’ve put together a handy guide to spirits for the at-home bartender.

Central Package Discount Wine & Liquor

Family owned since 1965

Central Package has a large selection of wine, beer and spirits available, and our team members have the expertise to help you find just what you need!

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